Cloud Based Integration

Cloud Based Integration

A number of years ago we realized that the future was in the cloud. For us cloud isn’t just a buzzword amongst many others, it is a reality we live with every single day. Whether you’d like to be free from expensive license fees, accelerate your time-to-market or reduce your costs while also gaining efficiency – we can help. e-man offers different solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs!

Our offers:

  • e-man connect
  • Microsoft Azure

e-man connect

We knew it could be done better. With our expertise from the entire integration process all the way from managment down to infrastructure integration through e-man connect’s cloud solution is faster than ever.

With e-man connect:

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Scale up or down with precision
  • Gain full insight into data and performance

Outstanding ROI

  • 98% fasterstart-up tid compared to earlier inetgrations
  • 54% reduced costs
  • 75% fewer internal resources


Microsoft Azure

With our long experience from Microsoft’s intergation platform Biztalk the step towards becoming experts in their cloud solutions in Azure wasn’t hard to take. We develop and manage integrations and applications in Microsoft Azure for several of our customers.