e-man AB has been given the responsibility of assisting PostNord in the development of their central integration platform. Starting in October 2013, PostNord has outsourced the support and maintenance of their central integration environment to e-man.
“We are very pleased that PostNord has given us this responsibility. We have worked with them for many years and have always had a great relationship. It feels fantastic to know that we get to work together even more from now on,” Björn Arkenfall, COO at e-man AB.
“e-man has been one of our integration partners since 2008, assisting us with strategy, architecture and implementation. It has been a successful partnership and it feels right to take this next step together,” Stig Ekestorm, Director of SDC Integration, PostNord IT and responsible for integration within PostNord.
The agreement is for five years and is one of the biggest in the 14 years e-man has been in business. Apart from outsourcing the integration platform, a deal has also been signed which includes development of integration solutions and architectural expertise. PostNord postnord-p-image
”With our long experience of integration and PostNord’s vast knowledge of logistics we’re working to improve the way PostNord connects to their customers and create new services for customers moving forward,” Björn Arkenfall.
PostNord offers communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. In 2012, group net sales were SEK 39 billion and the number of employees was 40,000. We serve our customers under the brands Posten, Post Danmark, PostNord Logistics and Strålfors. The parent company is a Swedish public company headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Read more about PostNord at www.postnord.com
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Proven partners in a modern integration.

When SAS chose e-man to develop their integration platform, we were able to use our unique understanding of TIBCO technology and products. E-man managed the planning, development and migration stages from TIBCO Integration Manager to TIBCO Business Works. An important requirement of this migration was that systems should be on-line and manageable from the outset. This saved valuable time once the migration was complete. SAS wanted to develop their integration platform to reduce costs and improve functionality. E-man has partnered TIBCO since 2002, so we were perfectly placed to orchestrate the switch to TIBCO Business Works. With its graphics based interface, Business Works is a modern alternative that is simpler to understand. SAS asked e-man to complete a proof of concept by implementing two of five possible integration solutions. When these were completed, we were asked to plan, execute and deliver the remaining three integrations in collaboration with TIBCO. This successful partnership provided SAS with a modern, cost effective integration platform. sas-p-image SAS

About SAS

SAS is Northern Europe's leading airline group, offering air transportation, passenger and other flight services. Scandinavian Airlines and Blue1 are members of the world's largest airline alliance, Star Alliance™. The SAS loyalty program, EuroBonus, was introduced in 1992 and has more than 2.8 million members. www.sas.se
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Quality improvements with e-man’s integration maintenance

e-man has worked with ABB for the last 13 years on a variety of projects. As our partnership developed, e-man and ABB began to work closely on integration. We began by helping ABB to develop an integration strategy. The first stage was to review various solutions and the overall architecture of ABB's BizTalk platform. At the time, this was built around old technology that Microsoft wanted to upgrade. ABB had outsourced development projects to other partners but increasingly e-man consultants were drafted in for their integration expertise. We now have a continual presence at ABB and advise on integration management and development. Since 2013, e-man has managed ABB integration platforms in Sweden and Northern Europe, and during this time, reports show quality improvements in terms of service and administration. abb-p-image ABB ABB (www.abb.com) is a world leader in power and automation technology. ABB solutions improve performance and lower environmental impact. ABB operates in around 100 countries and has over 100,000 employees. ABB Industry Solutions develop, manufacture and sell automated systems for mining, forest, pharmaceutical and marine industries. www.abb.com
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Improved administration of user accounts.

e-man had previously worked on a basic integration package for Systembolaget and was asked to develop the service further using BizTalk and SQL Server. At that time, the majority of Systembolaget's personnel systems were self-contained and had separate logins. Employees had different usernames for each system and no information could be transferred without manual updates. As a result, the service desk was heavily burdened with requests to reset passwords for different systems. Today, external personnel systems synchronize employee data from a Master Data Repository (MDR). This means employees can now access all personnel portals using the same username. The portals now receive information about users from the MDR, which also allows users to reset passwords securely. As all employees now use a single username for all system portals, they no longer need to keep track of separate usernames. This has meant less administration for the service desk, as employees can reset passwords without requiring a manual update. System improvements also meant that new usernames are generated automatically, based on syntax developed during the project framework. A control check is made with the AD to find free usernames.
Systembolaget systembolaget-p-image

About Systembolaget

Systembolaget has over 420 stores in towns and cities all over Sweden and more than 500 concessions in less densely populated areas. Systembolaget offers over 15,000 products in a number of different ranges. Products that local stores don't stock can be ordered from other stores or via systembolaget.se at no extra cost. The entire purchasing process is brand-neutral and quality certified. Systembolaget’s mandate is based on a concern for public health. Systembolaget works proactively to ensure that alcoholic drinks are enjoyed responsibly and contributes to a cultural understanding of food and drink and the effects both have on health. In that way, Systembolaget want to inspire conscious choices of beverage and a healthier approach to alcohol.

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