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e-mans most important job? Educating our co-workers, and passing the benefits on to you.

At this stage in our evolution e-man has the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading businesses. In turn many of those businesses have global customers who are leaders in their own industries and also need our help. Over the last few months e-man has experienced an increased demand for our services from large Swedish organisations and since July this year our total number of employees has increased by 20%.

As we grow it is important that we continue meeting the demands of our customers, securing delivery to the market and making sure that we’re always price-worthy. That’s why, for the last year and a half, e-man has been spending extra time helping our leaders to develop.

To do this we have chosen to send our leaders on the Developmental Leadership course. This course builds on the Transformational Leadership model – the only leadership model in the world which is able to prove its effect on profitability and earnings.

We have been using Actea Consulting Ltd (formerly Tango Mentor) as the provider for our Developmental Leadership course and we feel that the course has been a great success. Actea Consulting are well known for pushing the boundaries of development and leadership in Sweden and after a year and a half of working together we feel it’s time to take the next step and let our employees enjoy the same foundations as our leaders.

“For those of us who are driven by the desire to help our clients grow, it is necessary to have the right conditions for leadership. When we meet with them we must have the right tools and understanding to help them reach their goals.

The result of our efforts into leadership development is an increase in efficiency, accountability and motivation which will be seen by all our customers.

I promise customers both new and old that you’ll see positive and rewarding changes.”

Hans Sollerman, CEO e-man

“To send leaders on a course is one thing, but to have them implement the knowledge they have gained in concrete and noticeable ways is something else all together. For that you need a company, their leaders and their employees to focus on the questions at hand, set goals and develop a clear plan of action. With Developmental Leadership we can measure the success of the program, for example by measuring what effect it has had on co-workers, their abilities and how they pass on their experience to customers.

We feel it has been a privilege to support the leaders and co-workers at e-man throughout this process.”

Marie Gustafsson, Actea Consulting Ltd

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