Integration Delivery Center


IDC – we take care of your system integration.

e-man IDC maintains and manages the integrations between systemes connected to the customers integration platform. We give our customers stability and access to the most competent specialists within system development and system integration. Our support and maintenence organisation is able to maintain a cost efficient IT-platform for our custumers. In our experience we are able to help our customers save up to 43% out of their cost for integration maintenence and support. The strenght of the ID employee lies in having a mind för management, a mind for the customer’s business and a mind for the technical aspects of the solutions. With these three parts we’re able to form strong teams that can handle both development, operations and management.

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Handover & Intensive Care

When a development project delivers an integration the project does a Handover to IDC. The maintenence aspects of the integrations are considered right from the beginning of every development project in order to make the maintenence and support as smooth as possible. When IDC has approved the project’s Handover documents the integration goes live and the prohjets enters a period of Intensive Care. During this time the project is responsible for any bugs that might occur. For the most part the same developers from IDC who later handle the maintenence and support are also the ones dealing with the incidents during this time because they’ve also been a part of the devlopment project.

Microsoft Biztalk

Long experience of Microsoft Biztalk

We develope and manage soultions on the Microsoft Biztalk integration platform for companies such as Swedish Match,  Systembolaget and ABB.

BizTalk is used to create stabil integration solutions between standardised systems and older IT-systems. The platform offers message managment, support for EDI, and Business Activity Monitorin among other things. Biztalk makes efficiant integration between several different systems possible. it can be installed on-premis or in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure – managing the cloud

We develop and manage Biztalk regardless of whether or not it’s on-premis or in the cloud. We also offer maintenence and support on other solutions and applications in Microsoft Azure.


Esatblished routines

ITIL isa  framework for a process focused work procedure for maintenence and support. IDC uses ITL as a support in our projects and we follow well established routines for managing incidents, changes, issues and projects. By using ITIL e-man is able to continuously adapt the integrations in compliance with new needs of our customer’s business.