Integration as a Service support Sonat’s business processes

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Integration as a Service supports Sonat’s business processes.

e-man AB has helped companies and organisations to create cost-effective integration solutions since 2002, and have now developed a cloud-based solution for system integration that will minimize the hitherto large initial investments in licences, platforms and development. The business model is based on a charge per integration. What’s unique with Integration as a service is that some business logic is embedded in the integration layer and will get refined as data is passed through the system. The solution also support a number of general business processes. The first customer to take advantage of this cloud-based service is Sonat AB.

Sonat AB is Sweden’s leading Supply Chain Management developer. Sonat AB develop, refine and run logistic processes for its customers, and often needs system integration to handle data in a secure, stable and cost-effective way. Working very closely together, Sonat and e-man have developed a solution to speed up and improve the quality of the information flowing through the system, and to reduce or even eliminate the number of errors occurring in the process.

Kjell Rundquist CEO and founder Sonat AB:

“In order to meet the demands of the market and develop our clients’ supply chain, we have invested in an integration solution where we can integrate information from different players and create a totally new form of information refinement, that will drastically improve the value of our service. We can control all information, safeguard the quality, as well as making the operative processes more efficient. With our new platform for integration and process control, IPS, we can together with e-man offer brand new solutions within our area of business, Freight & Logistics Management.”

Hans Sollerman CEO e-man AB:

“Given our unique competence and long experience of creating system integration solutions for our client’s processes, we jumped at the chance to work with Sonat on this solution. We have built an IAAS (Integration as a Service) cloud-solution with monitoring, logging and fault handling, something that would normally be a very substantial investment for a small of medium sized company. We can now offer the same functionality that earlier would have taken large resources in software and development. We have been impressed by the vast business knowledge of Sonat and are delighted that they chose us as a partner in this venture.”

About Sonat

Sonat is a leading developer in supply chain management. The business idea is based on the ability to improve their client’s competitiveness by running and developing their supply network with a cost-efficiency, reaction time and flexibility that is second to none.
Sonat’s three areas of business are: Supply Chain Management, Freight and Logistics, and Retail. Regardless of the area, Sonat can offer the service as either Outsourcing, where Sonat will take on the overall responsibility of running the clients supply chain – or as a specific development project – Business Development.

About e-man

e-man is a consulting company in the IT sector. Areas of expertise include system development, system integration and integration management. today have offices in Örebro, Västerås, Stockholm and Gothenburg. The company was founded in 2000 and have had the pleasure of working with clients such as: SAS, ABB, TeliaSonera, Strålfors, Systembolaget, PostNord, Outokumpu and many others.

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