System development brings new business.

e-man helps businesses to identify new opportunities. By developing system integration platforms, businesses can improve efficiency, increase profitability and implement new customer services. e-man has the competence to develop architecture, manage system migrations and implement integration solutions. We always build solid solutions no matter if we’re tasked to further devlop a major business system or if we’re creating an app.

A solid foundation for your business to grow.

With our expertise in systems integration, we help businesses to develop comprehensive system architectures. We develop and implement reliable systems that minimize management and maintenance costs. e-man IDC (Integration Delivery Centre) are systems management specialists. Contact us for a competitive quote.

We offer:

  • Evaluation of existing systems
  • Needs analysis and proof of concept study
  • Enterprise architecture development in .NET and Java
  • Integration with surrounding systems
  • Project management and systems maintenance

Technical expertise:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • XML
  • CSS
  • SQL