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More business for e-man, integration experts!

Integration expert e-man AB has, during the past months, deepened its commitment with a number of new customers in a wide range of industries. We have seen the request for our high end system integration services increased every day. Our latest projects with customers like Fortum, SAS, Fujitsu Services and ABB includes establishing Enterprise Architecture, Integration strategies and implementation, software development. A new collaboration agreement between e-man and Strålfors, an IT focused business-to-business company with a print heritage, will ensure a stable growth for the upcoming year. The reason large corporations are turning to e-man as partners are many.

Hans Werner, CEO of Radar Group

, gives us the following explanation ”Through their long experience and their commited focus on integration related IT-solutions, e-man probably has the deepest competens in the Nordic region in helping large corporations and organizations to create a cost effective and scalable SOA platform, now and for the future. The collected competence of e-man in the integration space is unique in Sweden today.

About Radar Group

Radar Group International has developed unique models and have a deep local knowledge about the Nordic IT Market. Their focus is on Market, Suppliers, Users and Prerequisites in the Nordic market. Their knowledge is built using extensive research, analysis, deep interviews, consulting and counseling. For more information about Radar Group, visit
Hans Sollerman, CEO e-man +46 (0)730-602500

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