CSR & Environment

Profits go to charity

Every year, we give 1,5% of our profits to a charity or good cause that’s chosen by our employees. The last couple of years, the money has gone to a village in Gambia called Kartong. This contribution is helping them to build a much needed health care centre.

Tällberg Forum

In our global society we realise that more than ever before, people are interconnected with one another. As a sponsor of the Tällberg Forum, we share ideas with people who make a crucial difference in their corner of the world. Discussions focus on issues such as local business develop and the environment.

Sponsors of sport

Women’s premier league floorball team, Rönnby IBk, brought the Swedish cup to Västerås in 2013 and we are proud to sponsor them. We also sponsor women’s soccer teams in Örebro and Göteborg and a tennis tournament, the ‘e-man Open’, in Fridnäs, near Västerås. With over 700 participants, e-man Open aims to encourage children between the ages of 6-18 to get involved in sports activities.


Kiva is a micro-lending community and since December 2011, team e-man has made loans of around 4000 US dollars through 155 transactions. The loans have reached over 43 countries worldwide.

Environmental Awareness

We want to be involved in the sustainable development of a global society. A core part of that vision is environmental work. At e-man we have an active environmental plan with clear goals. Amongst other things we have a policy for business travel whereby we minimise our environmental impact by using phone and/or video-conferencing or car pooling when commuting.