Unique collaboration between Strålfors and e-man

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Unique collaboration between Strålfors and e-man

Today e-man AB and Strålfors AB signed a collaboration agreement which will mutually support the both companies business opportunities. The intetion of this teamwork is for Strålfors to take responsibility for information logistics and e-services and e-man assists with their expertise in systems integrationa nd application development. Through the combination of our mutual product portfolios, we can offer our clients better solutions.

Tomas Sjöström, CIO Strålfors AB

e-man has proven themselves to possess unique competence around software integration. Their competence has already assisted us in developing our existing buiness with existing customers. We are now advancing this collaboration as a natural next step after nearly two years of cooporation.

Hans Sollerman, VD e-man AB

For us, it is and continues to be a great benefit to working with Strålfors, a market leader in their field, and very professional company. The cooperation has been very successful, and we are thrilled to see this being formalized in a mutual agreement of collaboration.

About Strålfors

Stralfors is an IT-focused Business-to-Business company with a print heritage, providing total solutions within the field of information transfer. Stralfors develops, produces and delivers systems, services and products for the efficient communication of information crucial to operating a business.Read more about Strålfors on their homepage www.stralfors.se

For more information, contact:
Tomas Sjöström, CIO Strålfors AB 0706-615710
Hans Sollerman, CEO e-man AB 0730-602500

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